The Whippet & Greyhound Club of South Australia Inc



The Whippet & Greyhound Club was formed in 1963. After a lot of talk, Carlene Anderson contacted Whippet &Greyhound owners and organised a meeting for interested parties.

Owners of other breeds in the Hound group also attended and tried to form a Hound Club, but they stuck to the original purpose that the meeting was called for and started The Whippet & Greyhound Club of South Australia. The reason for the club catering for the two breeds was to foster the exhibiting of Greyhounds and the similarity of the two breeds in form and purpose.  A Hound club was later formed in 1964.There was an attempt at one stage for the club to include Italian Greyhounds so the constitution now reads “whippets & greyhounds in group 4 ".

The Club’s objects are:

·         To promote Whippets & Greyhounds and their improvement.

·         To educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors and judges to abide by the breed standards.

·          To promote and support competition and hold exhibitions.

·         To promote public interest in pedigreed Whippets & Greyhounds.

·         To promote good fellowship among those interested in these breeds.

The Club held its first Championship Show in 1964 and published its first newsletter in 1968.

In 2003 The National Whippet Council (Australia) was formed, with our club being a founding member.

In 2013, the Club hosted the 3rd National Whippet Championship Show with a record entry of 326 whippets and also celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

In 2023 the club proudly celebrated its 60th Anniversary, holding both an Anniversary Championship Show and a Specialty Show. 

The Club continues with 60 years of experience behind it and is entering its next decade with its founders’ objects still at its heart.