Responsible Dog Ownership

How to be a Responsible Dog Owner


  1. Keep your dog leashed in public at all times - this will prevent your dog running away or jumping  on  other  dogs  or people.
  2. Provide your dog with healthy food and clean water - do not let your dog "graze", but always keep fresh water available.  If you go on long trips, take water for your dog to drink when you stop.
  3.  Clean your dogs water and food bowl daily - this is important to help your dog stay healthy.
  4.  Make regular stops if you take your dog on a long road trip - so that he can get out for some exercise and have a drink of water.  Never leave your dog unattended in the car.
  5.  that your backyard is secure when your dog is outside -  check for holes in the fences or gates, especially when your dog is small and make sure your dog cannot access any electrical wires    or cords.
  6.  Brush your dog regularly - to remove dust and loose hair.
  7.  Bathe your dog regularly - to keep hime clean and use a flea rinse in summer months.
  8.  Provide chew toys - to keep your dog's teeth healthy and to remove boredom.
  9.  Pick up after your dog - dispose of your dog's waste in a proper way  
  10. Take your dog for a regular walk - he will enjoy the exercise and so will you.  This will also help prevent boredom and give your dog an opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people.


  •  Responsible owners proactively protect their dogs and prevent them from being placed in situations where the dog needs to protect itself
  • Remember to clip your dogs nails - dont rely on pavement to keep them short
  • Know your dog's fears and dislikes and do your best to prevent the fear from developing into aggression
  • Obedience train your dog to ensure a well-mannered family member.  Training will also strengthen the bond with your dog, prevent or correct unwanted behaviour and create a well balanced happy pet.

Helpful Hints

  • Some plants can be poisonous / toxic to dogs.  It is a good idea to find out what those plants are and remove them
  • Other common household items are also poisonous to dogs - raisins, grapes, mushrooms, onions, macadamias, chocolate (especially rich chocolate and baking chocolate) and caffeine
  • Prescription drugs can kill your dog.  Aspirin may be given to dogs but only if your Vet recommends it and advises you what dose to give.  Sudafed is very toxic to dogs and requires immediate veterinary attention if ingested.
  • Always keep your dog hydrated and provide shade in the warmer months
  • Keep garabage containers either out of reach or impossible to get into.